Welcome to The North American Academy of Magic.


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No New Posts Information

Deep within the library, in a shadowy corner lies the files, within the files one can find any information concerning the Academy, the Faculty and even some of the more notable students

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No New Posts News and Updates

Welcome to the North American Academy of Magic, the premiere wizarding school of The New World! All the hot happenings around the school can found here in the monthly edition of the school Newspaper; The Quivering Quill!

Moderator: Vallen Douglas

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No New Posts Rules and Regulations

All rules concerning students and faculty to can found posted here. Anyone caught breaking the rules will have to answer to the Principal.

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No New Posts Staff Board

Just try to sneak a peek in here, I double dare you.

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No New Posts Questions and Suggestions

Activity checks? Archiving? Got a problem that needs fixing? Suggestions on how to do it? This is the board to go to!

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No New Posts Advertising and Affiliates - 1 Viewing

Guests and Members alike are allowed to post their sites here.

Sub-boards: First Times, Link Back, Affiliates

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No New Posts Enrollment Papers

Want to join the ranks of NAAM students? Submit a formal application to our admissions office. Please stick to the form included in your Admissions Packet!

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No New Posts Enrolled Students

Congratulations! After being accepted into The Academy your file will be relocated to its permanent home, here!

Sub-boards: Brookgill, Wolfsbane, Swifthoof, Denfang

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No New Posts Teachers and Staff

Lurking in the shadows or glaring from the front of a classroom, teachers and staff members are watching your every move. Search their records, maybe something juicy will turn up.

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No New Posts Journals

Keep track of characters. For your character's personal thoughts, relationships, and anything else related to them.

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Sorting Rituals

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No New Posts Sorting Stables

Gigantic Stables house hundreds of newly acquired creatures. It is here that the sorting ritual occurs under the watchful eyes of the Caretaker. All 1st year characters MUST post here to be sorted before posting anywhere else.

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The Academy

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No New Posts Basement

Located beneath the hollowed out mountain that is the North American Academy of Magic is a dark, dank place; the Basement. Though not all of it is quite so stuffy, the kitchens are warm and welcoming, and the Brookgill dormitories are quite pleasant, watch out though, the Teachers Offices are located here. The Potions class is also located here.

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No New Posts Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Academy is located inside the very base of the mountain. This vast space contains the Grand Dining Hall and the Library, as well as various halls and corridors leading to the other floors.

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No New Posts Second Floor

The Second Floor is one of a more... unusual decor. Historical war paintings move and shout along the walls in an endless battle, while various uniforms from through out the country's existence grace its halls, draped over stone looking soldiers. As one walks by, sometimes you see their eyes following you. This floor is home to Wolfsbane House, as well as several classrooms; History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Charms, Apparition, and Transfiguration.

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No New Posts Third Floor

The Third Floor has a bit more musical theme. Animated instruments moved about on their own between classes, belting out in songs of every style and era, Giant posters celebrating the music stars most famous to the wizarding world then and now smile and wink charmingly from the walls. The classes that are located here include; Magic in Muggle History, Ancient Studies, Divination, Music and Muggle Music, as well as the storage rooms, bathrooms and the Swifthoof dormitories.

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No New Posts Fourth Floor

Paintings of every thing imaginable adorn the walls of the Fourth Floor. From the classical portraits to the swirling colors of the abstract and everything in between. Every door is also painted and decorated, but changes everyday. Notable things found here are Art & Muggle Art, Ghoul Studies, Arthimancy, Herbology & Earth Magic, the Art Galleries and supplies rooms as well the Prefect Bathrooms and the infirmary.

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No New Posts Fifth Floor

The first thing one might notice when ascending to the Fifth Floor is how utterly dark it is. The ceiling and walls have all been enchanted to depict the night sky around them, stars gleam and the moon shines above, depicting its current phase. The only classes settled here are Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts, though Stargazer's Peak, the Dueling Hall, Owlery, and the Principal's Office are all located here. The Denfang Dormitories are also somewhere on the floor.

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No New Posts The Grounds

The landscape about the Academy is a beautiful and varied one. Rivers, cliffs, caves and woods all within walking distance! Out here in an open field is the Quidditch Pitch, as well as 1st Year flying lessons and the Care for Magical Creatures class.

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Pyrite Town

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No New Posts Red Hawk Wand Shop

While wandering through Pyrite the first building one will notice is the Red Hawk Wand Shop. Taller than the other rough buildings of the town the Red Hawk's most fascinating attribute is the large dome shaped glass roof, protecting the medium sized tree growing within.

As you enter the musk of burning herbs and fresh wood hits you. The owner of the shop will guide you through the process of finding the perfect wand.

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No New Posts Prospector Pete's Place

Back when Pyrite Township was first established this General Store opened to supply much needed goods to the miners that lived in the little village. Even though the miners are gone and the Academy has taken their place, Prospector Pete's Place still stand open, ready to sell a student anything they might need.

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No New Posts The Candy Man Can

Brightly colored treats and soft drinks glisten in the window of this shop. Everything sweet and delicious can be found here!

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No New Posts The Golden Griffin

Originally opened as tavern, the place has fallen under new management. A quick place to stop and eat, listen to a live band on the weekends or just hang out with your friends.

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No New Posts Abandoned Mine Shaft

After the miners that once settled on the mountain side left, their old shafts stayed behind. Dark, spooky and rumored to be filled with Vampires, these Mine Shafts are forbidden to all students. Doesn't seem to stop the occasional 6th year coming to test his courage.

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No New Posts Andromeda Falls

Tucked away on the edge of the town, there is a small waterfall and pool that is perfect for swimming in the summers and hanging out with some friends... or maybe that special someone?

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No New Posts Introductions

Introduce yourself here. We all want to know who you are...

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No New Posts Chat

The need to jibberjabber growing rapidly? Hurry get it out! Talk about anything you'd like here, all out of character of course.

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No New Posts Games

Everybody loves a game. Relax a little. ^-^

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No New Posts Art Alley

Feeling the need to share your talents? Looking for something pretty? Post here.

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No New Posts Archives

All finished threads will be put here.

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